Liferay 7 properties files

At startup Liferay reads some properties files.

Liferay loads the values of the properties defined in the file (inside the portal-impl.jar),then overwrites with the values of the properties in, then overwrites with the values of the properties in, then overwrites with the values of, and finally overwrite with the values in the database. Each file is first read in the classpath dir ${liferay.home}\tomcat-8.0.32\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\classes and then in the ${liferay.home} dir.

This is clearly indicated in the the portal-impl.jar).

# The default read order is:,,
 #, and then

Things to remember:

    • inside portal-impl.jar are different from the various versions of liferay so please take a carefull look when you upgrade
    • The file should always be renamed to after first install and run. If they are both present take the properties inside the and merge them inside the
    • These properties file are the best place where to store properties in case of a cluster installation because you can have different configuration for each node. Database configuration is centralized so it won’t allow custom configuration on a node-basis.

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